Hi there, I’m Kevin William David.

Most of the time I’m just pretending to be a lot of things I’m not.

I pretend to be smart, humble and helpful on the internet. 🙃

I also pretend to be a musician 🎶,  a poet ✍🏻,  a fitness athlete 🏋🏻‍♂️, a good christian boy ✞….You get the drift!.

I love lollipops 🍭, have a fraternal twin sister,  have a double chin (some people don’t think so 🤷🏻‍♂️), have a car license but don’t know to drive a car yet.

I didn’t study much but focused more on learning while in school and college. My biggest education has been from the school of life.

I learn by
– following my own curiosity of people,
– the world around me,
– things that intrigue me &
– who I would like to become.

Previously, I was one of the founders of WalletKit which helped businesses to integrate with different mobile walletsCheck out this article on how we got funded by 500 Startups. We didn’t succeed neither did we fail, but we learned a lot while building this. 

I’m one of the top hunters on Product Hunt. I have helped more than 3000+ startups & 10000+ founders around the globe launch on Product Hunt for free.  I help them with product launch strategies, go-to-market tactics, marketing strategies & growth experiments.

I don’t charge a penny to founders to submit on Product Hunt and ask them to pay it forward. Truly believe in this quote by Zig Ziglar “You will get all you want in life, If you help other people get what they want”.

I won the “Best Community Person of the year 2017” award from Product Hunt. 

In 2016, I joined Siftery as their first community hire and built the community until their acquisition by G2Crowd. Siftery helps companies & individuals discover and select new enterprise software that works well with their existing software stack.

I joined AngelList in 2018, as their Global Director of Community. I helped with building the community. AngelList is a platform for startups to raise money online, recruit employees, and apply for funding. In 2019, we reached nearly $1.8 billion in assets under management, supported over 3.5 million candidates in their job search, and helped makers launch over 25,000 products that will define the future of tech. June 2020, was my last month at AngelList. 

In August 2020, I started CreatorStack where we built fan clubs for creators by taking a holistic approach to deepening creator-fan relationships by cultivating loyalty and creating long-term, automated ‘direct-from- fan’ revenue streams for creators. We raised a $2 million seed round led by Accel & other marquee investors. July 2022, was my last month at CreatorStack.

Currently exploring what’s next 🔎. 
Just a beautiful picture of me, letting off some steam! 🤪