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From fat to fit, from family packs to 6 packs in 6 months! 🏋🏻

Check out my earlier blog post on why I started this fitness transformation journey. 21 kgs (46 lbs) down in 6 months with the right diet, determination, dedication, and consistency. From 85 kgs (187 lbs) to 64 kgs (141 lbs). From 26.8 % body fat to 10% body fat. From 28.4 BMI to 22.4 BMI. From being Fat (Obese) to Fit. From 34 to 29 inch waist size. From family packs to 6 packs. All in 6 months. No fat burners used till today. No steroids or injections. I love the grind and always like to hustle for the muscle!. A 7 year dream of having a fitness model physique finally happening. Halfway there. If there is one thing that I have failed at repeatedly and wanted to accomplish the most in the last couple of years — it was this!. I don’t like being just a dreamer for long, I like to accomplish what I dream about. Been working out from 2013. A 7 year dream finally done in 6 months! The photo on the left (first pic above) was taken in August, 2017 on the first day after I joined the gym again in July. I ended up deleting…

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How I lost 6 Kgs (13 pounds) in 4 weeks

Over the last couple of years, I put on a ton of weight. Munched on anything I could lay my hands on. Tried my bit like everyone, hitting the gym once in a while but was never consistent in doing so or following the right diet. I used to watch a ton of videos on Calisthenics workouts and admire people like Frank Medrano, fitness models like Nick Bateman and even actors like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal for their strength and physique. I would have watched this video of Frank at least a 100 times over the years — Every year during January, I would make a resolution to be more fit that year, but failed every single year. Same happened this year as well!. In November this year, I decided it was time that I stopped admiring other people’s fitness and physique and let other’s admire my physique and fitness. I decided to do men’s physique (which is lean muscular) not bodybuilding (I’m not bulking up, just shredding). I have always been training at gyms where the trainers have never accomplished what they promise to help you accomplish. I decided to train with someone who has accomplished what he promises. To accomplish anything, I believe you need…

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