Boon companion to Startups. Learning to be a Classical Pianist & Vocalist. Self taught Percussionist. I ♥ trying new products.

Previously, I was one of the founders of WalletKit - a central platform for businesses to integrate with different mobile wallets like Apple Passbook and Google Wallet. We were funded by 500 Startups and was part of their Batch 5 Accelerator(one of the top 3 Accelerators in the world). We were one of the first few companies to be funded by 500 Startups in India. Check out this article on how we got funded by 500 Startups.

I'm a hyperactive Product Hunter. Been a user from day 1 & currently the No 1 hunter on the Product Hunt leaderboard globally. I have helped more than 1200 startups around the globe launch on Product Hunt. Won the runner-up award from Product Hunt for "Best Community Person of the year 2016".

I try different products and give FREE advise to founders on Branding, Marketing, Growth Strategies, Product & UX. I don't charge a penny to founders and ask them to pay it forward. I’m currently not accepting any advisory or consulting offers from companies.


Truly believe in this quote by Zig Ziglar

"You will get all you want in life, If you help other people get what they want".

I recently joined Siftery to help them grow their community. Siftery helps you discover the best software products and the companies that use them.

Here to build and disrupt something for the long term. Anything else is a distraction. I like to meet/work with people who don't give up and try really hard to win. Hit me up to talk about your Product, Growth & Launch Strategies, Design/UX, Marketing, Sales, Community Management, Viral Loops or Music ♪♬.

Send an email to hello at, if you want to reach me or direct message on Twitter.