Your family is a cult!

Think of your family as a cult.

When you are young, they take your pure, clean mind and brainwash it into their way of thinking, behaving & believing.

We are all cult members to some degree. We all spend time in one cult after another. That’s why its call Cult-ure. We all are part of a cult in one way or another while others start their own Cult-ure and invite others to come along.

The statement would still hold true if you substituted family with any number of other terms. Religion/Friends/society/social media/educational institutions.

For some, the greatest task of life is undoing all the influence and the damage of the Cult-ures they grew up in.

Children are not taught to think. Any child who raises questions is usually told to shut up. Kids must be taught how to think not what to think.

When you leave the cult, your task is to return your mind to the pure state it was in before you joined, retaining only anything useful.

You got to frame your own modeling of the world, unlearn everything you have been taught so far and reprogram your way of thinking.

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